March 20, 2023
Over 100 ideas for tweens & teens, and adults too! Includes crafts, recipes, and lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors. Free printable.

A root beer floatA root beer float

Summer bucket list – Over 100 ideas for tweens & teens, and adults too! Includes crafts, recipes, and lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors. Free printable.


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A few years ago, I published a one-page summer bucket list that continues to be extremely popular for families, but it occurred to me this year, as I was planning the summer out for my own two kids, that the bucket list may not fit my now 12-year-old as well as it once did.

I resolved to create a new, updated summer bucket list just for tweens and teens. I printed out my new Intentional Summer Planner and given the lists of activities to my big girl to peruse and revise. She crossed out the items she had already done this summer, and by the time she was finished, I expected to have an all new list to put together for you.


She was pretty excited about almost all the things on the list. Not every single one, of course, but enough of them that I reconsidered my idea of redoing the list for older kids. I think the old list is just fine even for these cool kids.

Not wanting to give these kids a babyish list, I went ahead and updated the graphics. But otherwise, the new list is exactly the same as the old list.

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids to take charge of their own entertainment, click over to this post where I have created a unique, card-based list of 150 of the best screen-free activities for elementary kids up through teens.

So that’s it. I created a new summer bucket list without the babyish stuff so that our tweens and teens would have a list of their own to get ideas for the summer from.

If you’re looking for more ideas of fun things you can do with your teen, pop over to this post. You can find some parenting tips for building a strong bond with your teens in this post, and this one has some tips for helping your teens stay out of trouble.

Summer Bucket List for Tweens & Teens

  1. Create your own summer bucket list
  2. Excavate frozen fruit
  3. Do some learning outside
  4. Make suncatchers
  5. Make sidewalk chalk paint
  6. Explode sandwich bags
  7. Catch fireflies
  8. Make a balance beam
  9. Go see fireworks
  10. Throw whirlybirds off the deck
  11. Make a leaf scrapbook
  12. Go on a hike
  13. Water blob
  14. Play miniature golf
  15. Make root beer floats
  16. Wash the car by hand
  17. Participate in the library’s summer reading program
  18. Participate in the library’s summer letterbox program
  19. Outdoor scavenger hunt
  20. Photo scavenger hunt
  21. Make a map of the backyard
  22. Have a carnival at home
  23. Go for a boat ride
  24. Go bowling
  25. Pick raspberries
  26. Pick blueberries
  27. Pick strawberries
  28. Make homemade jam
  29. Swim in the lake
  30. Play bocce ball
  31. Glow stick hide & seek
  32. See a drive-in movie
  33. Make root beer sherbet
  34. Paint the lawn with flour
  35. Make flag t-shirts
  36. Paint with ice cubes
  37. Make banana splits
  38. Go to a petting zoo
  39. Make a nature collage
  40. Tie-dye shirts
  41. Water balloon catch
  42. Visit the amusement park
  43. Visit a water park
  44. Have a picnic
  45. Make dirt pudding
  46. Grow a garden
  47. Bake something with fresh cherries
  48. Play in the creek
  49. Go to a park
  50. Build a campfire
  51. Cook dinner over the campfire
  52. Make s’mores
  53. Go to a baseball game
  54. Make fireworks art
  55. Make patriotic fruit kabobs
  56. Make astronaut pudding
  57. Float in a pool
  58. Make a butterfly craft
  59. Make homemade popsicles
  60. Make a Father’s Day gift
  61. Go out for ice cream
  62. Go for a bike ride
  63. Make a jellyfish suncatcher
  64. Make a mini ocean aquarium
  65. Make beachy pudding cups
  66. Make under the sea graham cracker snacks
  67. Play with water beads
  68. Have a water gun battle
  69. Visit a splash pad
  70. Finger paint
  71. Feed the ducks
  72. Go fishing
  73. Have Christmas in July, complete with Christmas cookies and Christmas music and a special meal – and maybe even a couple of gifts!
  74. Marshmallow shooters
  75. Nerf gun battle
  76. Go stargazing
  77. Watch the sunrise
  78. Watch the sunset
  79. Build a sandcastle
  80. Make a homemade pizza
  81. Grill a pizza
  82. Go to a free concert
  83. Go on a road trip
  84. Listen to an audiobook
  85. Float down a river in an inner tube
  86. Ride a ferris wheel
  87. Have a water balloon fight
  88. Start a lemonade stand
  89. Play in the sprinkler
  90. Play in a public fountain (only with permission)
  91. Fly a kite
  92. Blow bubbles
  93. Hunt for cloud animals
  94. Fly paper airplanes
  95. Play in the mud
  96. Go to a museum
  97. Go to a yard sale
  98. Play frisbee
  99. Play hide and seek outside
  100. Visit the library
  101. Take photos of flowers
  102. Slip n slide
  103. Workshops at Lowes & Home Depot
  104. Visit a pet store
  105. Jump rope
  106. Play hopscotch
  107. Visit a fair or carnival
  108. Build an obstacle course
  109. Create a music video
  110. Start a YouTube channel
  111. Play with shaving cream
  112. Make a fairy garden
  113. Take a nap in a hammock (this is the one we have and LOVE – plenty big enough for 3 kids at one time)
  114. Eat dinner al fresco (you would know that means outside if you read Fancy Nancy)
  115. Paint your faces
  116. Try a new food
  117. Start a rock collection
  118. Do a random act of kindness
  119. Visit a farmer’s market
  120. Visit a flea market
  121. Make no bake cookies
  122. Make frozen yogurt
  123. Visit the zoo
  124. See a waterfall
  125. Rent a paddleboat
  126. Have walking tacos
  127. Learn something new
  128. HAVE FUN!

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A close up of a bucket listA close up of a bucket list

A root beer floatA root beer float

Fireworks in the skyFireworks in the sky

A teen on a slip n slideA teen on a slip n slide

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