March 25, 2023
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Centuary Orthopaedic Mattress

Every year on 24th July, we celebrate National Parents Day. Dedicated to all the parents out there, this day solemnizes parenthood & cherishes the love, efforts & sacrifices of parents towards their kids. The sole objective of this day is to draw our attention towards the critical role that parents play in bringing up their child.

We have always seen our parents look after us when they are unwell, we have seen them work day-and-night so that they can provide us a healthy lifestyle & fulfill our needs & wishes. But now the roles need to reverse, & it’s time that we as children do something special for our parents, & pamper them with all love
& care this parents day.

Protein Bombs & Shakes

Gifting something that’s healthy & delicious is always a win-win! So here’s something to gift your loved one this Parent’s Day – Phab Protein Bombs & Milkshakes! Protein is an essential nutrient & clubbing that with a drool-worthy, guilt-free snacking pair is heavenly! Phab Protein Bombs are truffles with protein- rich nuts like Almonds, Cashews & Pistachios, with a pinch of sweetness that makes your tastebuds feel fab! These Bombs are available in three nutty flavours!

And well, shower them with some much-needed dose of love & protein with a refreshingly thick ProteinMilkshake. Phab Protein Milkshake contains a boost of 17g of protein, immunity strengtheners & no added sugars. Available in three lovable flavors- Classic Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, and Cold Coffee.
Cheers to ending the day on a sweet yet guilt-free note!

Katharos Foods

This parents day, give your parents a load of healthy vegan cheese. This can mark the beginning of a healthy lifestyle for your parents. Avoiding dairy can be a good starting point for a healthy lifestyle. Vegan cheese is unquestionably healthier than regular cheese. Katharos cheese is free of emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, or additives and is even low in saturated fats. It is also High in Proteins. Vegan cheese is also an excellent alternative for lactose-intolerant individuals. It reduces the likelihood of intestinal permeability. While rich in flavor and texture, vegan cheese also has plenty of nutritional benefits.

Healthy Fruit-fulness

We all wish for the best health of our parents. Diet is one of the major factors to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Various studies have shown that including fruits in our diet boosts our immune system and our health. Blueberry is one of the fruits that have many health benefits like- being highly nutritious, rich in
antioxidants, reduces DNA damage which ultimately will protect against aging. It has to be ensured that we get quality fruits for our loving parents. IG International is India’s one of the biggest importers of exotic fruits like Blueberries, which ensures the quality of the fruits. These fruits are available at Reliance Fresh, Nature’s Basket, and Big Basket. Go out and get this fruitful gift for your parents.

Comfortable Mattress

Proper eating and physical activity is vital to keep oneself healthy. An undisturbed and stress-free sleep plays a major role in keeping the body active and free from health problems. Waking up with body aches and pains is uncomfortable. A lot of people do not get sound sleep at night. Through the Momspresso-
Centuary survey, 94% of new moms claimed to have average or poor sleep quality. Mattress plays an important role for a disturbed sleep. There are many factors you need to consider while buying a mattress for your parents. It is important for new moms to have a proper sleep so that their body gets a proper rest. There has been a new trend for having a separate mattress for kids. Centuary’s King Coir is lightweight and is a sustainable mattress that would provide a comfortable sleep to a new mom. The Orthopaedic Coir Foam Mattress offers support from all sides of the mattress and relaxes the muscles. The soft layer of memory foam absorbs the pressure and adapts to the body shape ensures comfort. This mattress is proven to be beneficial for older parents having back issues. Be it your father or mother, they work all day with little or no rest at all. All that their body needs is a stress-free sleep to relax their mind, body and muscles.

Eye Masks

Our parents work nonstop throughout the day and never complain. They go about their business with a smile on their face. A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining energy levels. However, being exposed to light before going to bed can sometimes disrupt your body’s natural sleep cues. Inadequate melatonin levels can result in sleep problems or disorders such as insomnia. An eye mask can help you fall asleep by blocking out artificial light. It keeps you from waking up before you’re ready for the day.

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