March 21, 2023
the supply chain is becoming more important. To ensure speedy (and accurate) order fulfillment, your business’s supply chain
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As customer demand grows and people come to expect fast delivery, the supply chain is becoming more important. To ensure speedy (and accurate) order fulfillment, your business’s supply chain needs to run efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is a Supply Chain

Before we jump into the intricacies of supply chains, it is worth understanding the basics of what a supply chain is. A supply chain is a connected network of suppliers who make and sell goods to end-users. Those end-users may be other businesses or consumers.

In essence, a supply chain begins with the procurement of raw materials. Those materials are then supplied to manufacturers who transform raw materials into sellable products. Once those products have been assembled they move on to a distributor who distributes products to end-users. If it is a B2B supply chain, end-users are other businesses. B2C supply chains provide products to end-users like customers.

B2B v.s B2C

The main difference between a Business to Business (B2B) supply chain and a Business to Consumer (B2C) supply chain is the end-user. As previously mentioned, B2B supply chains sell goods between other businesses whereas B2C supply chains always sell the final product to a consumer. Because of the different nature of these supply chains, B2B supply chains are often shorter and rely heavily on strong relationships within their network of suppliers to run smoothly.

Managing your B2B Supply Chain with a 3PL

The B2B supply chain is extremely important as it provides the necessary materials for global industries to function. To ensure your business is supplying products and components to other users as efficiently (and cost-effectively) as possible, your supply chain needs to be well-managed.

A 3PL provider is often the best option for many businesses. 3PLs have experience managing logistical operations including inventory management, order fulfillment, and overall supply chain management. If your business is struggling with fulfilling orders accurately and in a timely manner, a 3PL may be able to provide you with the right tools to improve your supply chain.

Providing management technology like online portals to increase visibility into your supply chain is another great benefit of working with a 3PL. And, because relationships are paramount in the B2B space, 3PLs are often able to utilize trusted suppliers with critical experience solving your business needs. Experienced 3PL’s come with experience and results-driven solutions that not only save you time, but also money.


Understanding how the supply chain works is the first step toward managing an effective supply chain of your own. The B2B supply chain, while shorter than the B2C supply chain, comes with its own unique qualities that need to be properly maintained. To improve your B2B business’s supply chain it is worth considering a third-party logistics provider. 3PLs are better equipped to handle potential inefficiencies, improve visibility, and provide trusted suppliers to help your business. When it comes to delivering goods quickly and accurately, regardless of your end-user, a 3PL is the way to go.

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