March 20, 2023
Read our guide on visiting Mount Fuji in Japan. Including how to get there, the best viewpoints, hiking and more to help plan your trip.

Mount Fuji is more than just a mountain. It’s an iconic peak, a national symbol for Japan, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts travellers from all over the world. As a visitor, you can hike on the slopes of Mount Fuji or see the giant from one of the viewpoints. With its elevation of 3776 metres above sea level and its conical, snow-capped summit, Mount Fuji towers above its surroundings. This dormant volcano is even visible from Tokyo on a clear day, even though the capital lies more than 100 kilometres northeast of Mount Fuji.

In this travel guide we explain the different ways to get to Mount Fuji, the best viewpoints, hiking opportunities, where to stay, and more to help plan your trip to this iconic landmark.


  • How to get there
  • Mount Fuji Viewpoints
  • How to Hike Mount Fuji?
  • Where to stay
  • Where to eat

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