March 23, 2023

THD News Desk, New Delhi:

According to a senior company official, IT company Tech Mahindra, along with Reagene Biosciences, is in the process of filing a patent for a drug molecule that can potentially attack coronavirus.

Tech Mahindra and Reagene Biosciences are in the research process. Makers Lab started the computational modelling analysis of the coronavirus. Based on computational docking and modelling studies, Tech Mahindra and its partner shortlisted 10 drug molecules from a list of 8,000 FDA-approved drugs.

The research and development team of Tech Mahindra, Markers Lab, gave a statement that the company and its partner are applying for patenting on which further testing will be done.

Tech Mahindra Global Head (Markers Lab) Nikhil Malhotra further said that “we have found a molecule that can potentially attack coronavirus. We have applied for a joint patent and cannot reveal the name of the molecule unless the patent process is completed.”

India recently opened its vaccination campaign for the 18-45 age group from May 1 with Covaxin and Covishield, whose efficacy rate is 78% and 70% respectively. With an efficacy rate of 91.6%, Sputnik V’s 1.5 lakh doses came to Indian grounds on Sunday in Hyderabad.

The 10 drugs were filtered using the technology and were tested in Bengaluru, where they were brought down to three. Malhotra added that “then, we created a 3D lung where we tested and found one molecule work as per our research. We have done computational analysis and our partners have done the clinical analysis.”

The computational technologies are helping in accelerating the time of discovery for drugs as several drugs are under trial and people are dependent upon the vaccines for immunizing themselves from the virus.

“There are more animal studies needed but we believe this technique can actually reduce the drug discovery mechanism in biological computation. We are in the process of conducting more studies to verify the efficacy of the same,” Malhotra said

India recorded over 3.68 lakh fresh cases on Monday with over 3,417 deaths in 24 hours. People have been posting SOS messages on social media about the shortage of life-saving drugs and other resources which are in shortage.

Malhotra said the Makers Lab platform, which uses artificial intelligence and other computational technology, is reducing the time for the discovery of drugs.

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